Cape Wickham

Hole #8

Cape Wickham - Hole 8

Hole Details

CWG - Blue Tee

LENGTH: 384m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - White Tee

LENGTH: 354m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - Red Tee

LENGTH: 250m  |  PAR: 4

Playing Tips

Hole 8 brings us to the only real blind tee shot on the course. This tee shot can be intimidating as you hit over a natural wasteland aiming at a red and white pole with no idea of where the ball finishes. Even though it doesn’t seem it, the fairway is very wide and sits in a valley below the surrounding dunes. The fairway creates an almost bowl shape which enables slightly wider balls to funnel back into the middle of the fairway. The approach shot up to the elevated green is guarded by several bunkers up the left-hand side, and one bunker on the right-hand side. Despite the large green, it is still very firm and can be tricky to stop the ball, especially when playing downwind.

Pro’s Tip: When hitting your tee shot, try and not get too overwhelmed by the wasteland. The red and white aiming post is used as a guidance point but you can hit the ball either side of that pole and the bowl shaped fairway should bring it back close to the middle of the fairway.

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