Cape Wickham

Hole #12

Cape Wickham - Hole 12

Hole Details

CWG - Blue Tee

LENGTH: 295m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - White Tee

LENGTH: 268m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - Red Tee

LENGTH: 247m  |  PAR: 4

Playing Tips

One of the most aesthetically pleasing holes on the course, the 12th is a short par 4 with a right-to-left bending fairway. The fairway is extremely wide for the first 200 metres, then it dramatically narrows. There are three bunkers up the right hand side, and the perfect lay up position is as close to the far bunker as you dare. The approach shot seems trickier than it really is, because everything kicks in from the right hand side – so aiming right is essential. This helps every golfer as from the beginning of the fairway to behind the green, the whole left hand side of the hole retains a steep cliff face. If your ball ends up on the other side of the cliff face, then you will be dropping a new ball.

Pro’s Tip: Everything about this tee shot makes you want to grab the driver and thread it through the narrow neck of fairway that leads up to the green. Unless super accurate, this is NOT the play. The best tip, depending on how far you hit the ball, is to play a mid-to-long iron off the tee and aim to finish before the furthest bunker on the right (a rangefinder or Cape Wickham course guide will help you gather the appropriate distance). This will take a lot of the trouble out of play and give you the best possible angle for your approach shot into the green.

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