Cape Wickham

Hole #17

Cape Wickham - Hole 17

Hole Details

CWG - Blue Tee

LENGTH: 164m  |  PAR: 3

CWG - White Tee

LENGTH: 154m  |  PAR: 3

CWG - Red Tee

LENGTH: 132m  |  PAR: 3

Playing Tips

The last of our incredible par 3’s at Cape Wickham Golf Links. From this tee you enjoy the full view of the Victoria Cove beach, as well as the Cape Farewell headland. Get your cameras at the ready, because there is no view quite like it and this hole an hour before sunset, or shortly after sunrise, is a miraculous environment to be playing golf in. You feel lucky every time you stand on this tee. Given its elevation, the wind plays a huge factor in club selection – as does ball flight, and whether you choose to hit a high, soft shot or a chasing approach off the left slope. The green is protected by numerous bunkers, mainly on the right, and notorious for a large hump in its middle that can perplex those who end on the wrong side.

Pro’s Tip: Unless you are into the wind, the best tip is taking one less club and aiming for the left hand side of the green. The decreased distance of the lesser club will allow you to land your ball on the downhill slope just short and left of the green and feed, hopefully, toward the flag. If you do not take less club, the best advice is to try to land on the flatter part of the entrance to the green. Please note again, do not take one less club if the hole is playing into the wind, as you are hitting from an elevated tee and the wind will effect the ball more.

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