Cape Wickham

Hole #18

Cape Wickham - Hole 18

Hole Details

CWG - Blue Tee

LENGTH: 395m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - White Tee

LENGTH: 375m  |  PAR: 4

CWG - Red Tee

LENGTH: 233m  |  PAR: 4

Playing Tips

Saving the best until last is a common saying, and many regard our 18th as the finest finishing hole on the planet. The left-to-right fairway bends around the Victoria Cove Beach. The length of the carry from the blue tees onto the fairway will depend on how much of the beach you want to cut off, and whether you choose to play safely down the left or attack the cliff and try to shorten the hole. Anything safely onto the fairway is a fantastic shot, as we have seen plenty of people send their balls onto the beach, into the ocean or into the wasteland short of the fairway.

It should be noted, that the beach is in play so if you do end up knocking your ball down on the sand, we have some steps for you to head down and attempt to get your ball back onto the green. The Victoria Cove cliff face separating the beach from the fairway runs the length of the hole, and feels much steeper when you are on the beach hitting back. The undulating fairway represents a true links layout, and certainly favours those who drive close to the cliff edge. The long green here is protected by a singular bunker at the front left, which those who drive too far left will have to avoid on their second shot, by either carrying it or aiming uncomfortably close to the cliff edge.

Pro’s Tip: From the tee box, it can be very easy to tempt yourself into hitting this never seen before high sliding fade round the corner of the fairway. The quality and experience of playing this last hole at Cape Wickham forces you to think that way. If you only ever play the course once, why not have a go, but if you are playing competitively, we must play this a little different. The best strategy is to aim straight for the clubhouse off the tee; that is the perfect, safe line. The approach shot can be daunting with the steep cliff face down to the beach running all up the right-hand side. Try and block this out, and focus only on the green. Take an extra club, aim a few metres right of the bunker, swing easy and controlled, commit to the shot.

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